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06-27-2012, 08:16 PM
I know our event is not until November, but I need to know who is going to help us with Sponsorship,

We are trying to get flyers designed and printed for Advertisement.

Please let me know if you are willing to help Sponsor our event (Announcement Flyer Attached) and how much you are sponsoring.

Please drop me an email at you earliest convenience.

Remember it doesn?t have to be large amount, every little bit adds up for these racers.

You can do $100.00 or more, Class Sponsorship is $750.00 or Major Sponsor of $1000.00

We are putting together these following classes?..

T.S.O. ~ Turbo Street Outlaw

T.S.M. ~ Turbo Street Modified

275 Drag Radial Class

Turbo vs Supercharger Class

10.49 Index

11.49 Index

Bracket Class

We need you help PLEASE!!!

__________________________________________________ ________

?Southern Boosted Showdown?

This year Hartline Performance?s is hosting an event that is completely different than past years!!!

We are making our event an ?ALL BOOSTED? event!!

Meaning ALL Turbo Charged or Super Charged Cars Welcome!! Not just Buicks.

We are working hard at making this a HUGE ANNUAL EVENT!!

We will not only have our Buick Racers, we will have Fords, Chevy?s, Pontiacs, ETC?.

Every Make and Model, if it is Boosted, we want it there!!

We NEED your help PLEASE! It is the Sponsors that help us get the racers to the event.

We are looking for Major Sponsors, Class Sponsors and Event Sponsors (CASH PAYOUTS), Meaning??

If you wish to be a MAJOR SPONSOR for the event, $1000.00 or more!

If you wish to Sponsor a Class it is $750.00 ($500.00 winner / $250.00 Runner Up)

If you only wish to help Sponsor the Event, then we would request $100.00 or more!

EVERY DOLLAR Adds Up, so if everyone sponsors, we can have a Large Payout to these Racers!!

Attached is a flyer that we put together, just to get the word out on all the boards.

We will be designing and Printing Flyers with All the Sponsors and payouts.

Our Event is November 9th & 10th, 2012?..But we need to get sponsors Now and get the word out to the racers!

Please help us make our event Bigger than ever!!

Thank you,

Holly Hartline