View Full Version : Hybrid converter for 2004R?

06-30-2013, 08:57 PM
Hello all, Im new to the forum and although I don't own a Buick, I grew up as a kid riding in my moms 63 Wildcat convertible 445, so Im a fan !
Now to my question, I have a 72 Camaro with an LS3, 2004R trans, etc......A pro touring style car. Im in the market for a new converter and am wondering if any of you GN guys have tried one of the hybrid style converters with a 12" lockup clutch and a 10" converter attached to it. Kinda like a poor mans triple disc 10" converter. One company claims 700 HP rating on the lockup for WOT lockup use. Anybody using one and have any feedback? Thanks in advance.