View Full Version : TH400 Transmission Mount spacers question

08-19-2015, 09:43 AM
Starting with the 67 GS400 there were 1/4" spacers between the TH400 and the mount. This was also when the crossmember was now held in by the rubber cushions and brackets and no longer bolted directly to the frame.
Many times, the crossmember would rot away in the cushions and need to be repaired. The Olds 442 crossmember (Pontiac GTO used the Buick setup) still bolted to the frame. Many of us have used the Olds piece in place of a rotted Buick crossmember.
The question here is regarding the Buick 1/4" spacers. Does anyone know (Duane maybe?) if the 442 also used these spacers or if they should be left out when switching to the Olds crossmember? I have looked on the web for a pic from a chassis manual for Olds but have had no luck. The Buick manual shows the spacers in the illustration and I expect the Olds one to show if they are needed.
A pic from the Olds manual or anyone who has an original car and confirm the setup would be helpful.