View Full Version : 64-67 Buick A-body or 67-68 Cougar 4 speed

08-17-2006, 10:48 AM
Well, I think I'm looking for a change here. I thought I'd be able to get the body work and otehr stuff done on the GS over this winter but its just not going to happen.

I am looking for a red/blue/black 64 to 67 a-body in "done" condition. Doesn't need to be a show car or a full frame off resto but a nice, reliable, good running car that I can take to local shows and cruise-ins and have fun with. I actually prefer a non original car or maybe even one that has been modified a little (a 350 or turbo 6 swap would be ideal, but I can't be too picky). Can also be a GS, Skylark, Convertable, etc... I'm not really picky there. I'd prefer to get a nicer post Skylark than a sort of nice convertable. Car must be solid/no/very little rust. I really just want a "finished" car that I can slowly make my own but have no worries about driving it in the mean time.

I also would be very interested in a '67-68 only 4 speed Cougar. Options don't matter and I prefer the 289. Must also be red/blue/black.

Looking to buy before November. Budget is 10,000.