View Full Version : Water Spots, Weld Pro Stars

Eric Schmelzer
08-26-2007, 11:19 PM
I have what looks like some water spots on my NEW Weld Pro Star Polished alum rims. Some of the areas look like it has run from the bead area to the center portion of the rim. I'm sure its from when the tires were mounted. What is a good product to use to remove these spots?

08-27-2007, 08:25 AM
Eric -

Get some Purple Metal Polish from California Custom.

We don't make a metal polish - but kept getting asked to carry one. We tested virtually everything out there. :PUZ:

This stuff works great across all kinds of polished metal surfaces.


If you REALLY want to make it easy and get great results, go get a Mothers Power Ball and use it with the Purple Metal Polish - it will cut your time down to nothing.

The product also will leave a coating / protection on it to help retard that kind of thing again. :TU:

Hope that helps!

- Scott