View Full Version : Need parts for 69 GS 350 ( bring back a survivor)

06-14-2008, 12:33 AM
I need help (in more ways than one).
I found another 69 GS, but it needs some parts. Most people would have parted this one, but it is a local Chattanooga, TN car with only 85,000 orginal miles. The problem is it had a rough first part of life.
I need the following:
350 rear marker lights
350 hood chrome
White mini console lid
Good source of reproduction rear quarters ( need replacement due to side damage)
This is just a small start. The car spent many years in the sun, but is very solid. I would like to bring this one back to its former glory and put it with my 69 400. I am working on a second parts car that will supply some new panels, to contain body work cost.
Any help is appreciated and pictures will be posted later in the summer. It looked so bad, I rattle can painted it primer grey, just so it would look a little better.
As the old saying goes save em, don't crush em. I decided it might take longer, but if possible it will be saved.

Greg Goll
BPG 1507
GSCA 3110

David G
06-14-2008, 12:35 AM
Greg, Tabco should have the 69 quarters.

I also replied to your PM re: the front bumper. :)