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Thread: Grill emblem? 71 Skylark Custom Convertible

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    Default Grill emblem? 71 Skylark Custom Convertible

    Can anyone tell me if the 71 Skylark Custom had a front grill emblem? I have been seeing a lot of different trim packages, and I am a little confused as to what the custom trim package included. My particular car has the round buick emblem on the hood and no grill emblem at all. I have seen the cursive "Skylark" emblem on the grill of some skylark models, but I am not sure which trim package/year they apply to.

    Also, does anyone know where the side emblems that are located in front of the doors can be purchased new? I apoligize for not knowing the correct name of these emblems, but I think you know I am referring to the decorative "vent" looking emblems that are located at the rear of the front quarter panels. OPG does not appear to have these ones on there website. Thank for any info that 71 Skylark.jpgyou guys can provide.

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    updates on this?

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