Brad Conley suggest I post here to your group. I'm the Director of Brand Management on Wild About Cars, , the Internet resource library (among other things!).
We are not a commercial entity - we are collaborative effort - where members help members build the best darn auto enthusiast resource on the Internet. All material from all makes and models not already in our collection is welcome. We already have over 35 THOUSAND pages of classic and muscle car materials and add to our collection daily.
While we continue to obtain material, we are always looking for people to help us accelerate the content (and members). This is the way ALL the content on Wild About Cars was acquired.

We could use your help in finding people who could develop the Buick brand at Wild About Cars. While we have a good deal of material, we are looking for people to help us accelerate the content (and members) for Buicks. And we are still in need of a Buick Brand Manager. We're hoping you may know of fellow Buick hobbyists who could:

- Advise us on how to increase Buick membership at Wild About Cars

- Help in building up the data bank in Factory Publications and/or Technical Info on Buick ? they may have info or know where materials are ? or friends who do

- Help us find other members for the Buick section of Wild About Cars

- Recommending someone else who could help

- Helping us locate Buick-related content and/or people who may have materials

- Helping us find clubs, groups or forums related to Buick - where Wild About Cars would be a help ? or where they could help us.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please let me know. I'm sure you will find Wild About Cars to be a great resource for Buicks and a site worthy of your support. Stop on in and see what we are doing. And, for what it is worth, it is FREE.

Kurt Shubert
Wild About Cars
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