So the winner was ticket # 72 Kendall Riecken, Kurt Riecken's son. And they deserved it.

Earlier in the Day Kurt bought a ticket # 45. As they were taking pictures later on they found approx $800 in cash. They came to me and said we found this money if any one comes forward to claim it find us and have the guy describe ho it was bundled. About an hour later a gentleman approached me and said he had lost a lot of money. He gave me his name Bob Lindquist. I said I know who has your money let me try and find him for you. I knew where Kurt had parked his car so I went over and he was not there. I then walked the show field to try and find him, I could not. I told Bob where his car was and he went over and sat there for about an hour. Kurt and his son came back to registration tent and asked if anyone had claimed it I said yes he has been waiting over by your car. We then went over and Bob described the bundle I showed Kurt the note he had left with qty's of bills and we verified it was his and I left them. About an hour later all three come over to the tent and Bob want to make a donation to the club because Kurt and Kendall did not want to take any money from Bob...They where just doing the right thing. I suggested that Bob buy a Raffle ticket in Kendalls name as he was the one that found it. Kurt and Kendall agreed and ticket #72 was purchased. The rest is now Buick Legend. Karma reared her head and their # was drawn.

It was not fixed. There was no slight of hand..It was done in front of a huge crowd. The story was then told. It just proves doing the right thing pays off.

A big thank you again to Alan Cunnigham for re donating the Heads...Kurt and Kendall said they will not be donating