I have a 1970 GS 455 I am restoring and have a 1970 skylark as a parts car. it is missing interior and engine is iffy but has a lot of good parts. window channels rusty but rest of car in decent shape. Been looking for a '70 to buy and build 1 car out of the 2 but having trouble finding a decent 1970 skylark that is not a rust bucket. I found a '71 that seems to be in decent shape but needs some work. Fenders and doors replaced, ac is missing. My question is what is compatible between the '70 and '71. I assume the drivetrain is good, AC system is swappable, what about sheet metal? I know the bumpers and brackets are different? Any information would be helpful. thanks. I am looking to build a skylark similar to my GS for my daughter. She likes my GS and how long will a teenage daughter think their dad is cool enough to drive a car like his. ;) ... but then again it could just be that the car is cool! Cheers,