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Thread: 1964 Riviera Rear Vs 1965?

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    Default 1964 Riviera Rear Vs 1965?

    Hello Gang

    I am a new member after recently purchasing a 64 Riviera.

    The previous owner modified the rear suspension by lopping off a few inches on each end of the rear housing so as to stuff some fat tires under the back. There were no mods made to the inner housings , body, or rear frame area.

    I want to put the car back to stock condition. I have located a complete rear out of a 1965 Riv. My question is, before I buy it, will it bolt directly up to the frame of my car or are they different?

    I have heard that the diameters of the hub the wheel fits over may be different. Not sure if the driveshaft on a 65 uses a U-joint or a flange.... My main concern is... are the dimensions, trailing arm mount locations the same??

    Thanks in advance!


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    i believe they would be the same...

    scott phillips
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    Go for it. mounting is all the same. Hub flange diameter on your 65 axles will be smaller but will not make a difference with 64 wheels and
    bonus you have the ability to use more types of wheels on the back of your car. Front hubs can be changed to 65
    units as well. Good luck.
    Ted Nagel

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