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Thread: Engine Shut Down/Won't Start with Key

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    Default Engine Shut Down/Won't Start with Key

    Good morning! I wondered if anyone had any similar situations with their Riviera. I was driving one day and it just stalled on me. I started it right back up and it did it again and wouldn't start. It would turn over but not start. My mechanic said he wasn't getting a code. Sometimes it will not start with the key and only with the Astrostart remote. I have been told it may have something to do with the security system thinking for some reason the car is stolen, to shut off the gas flow. Does this sound like something to do with the security system or perhaps the autostart? Or could it be something else?

    Thank you for suggestions. It is a 97 Riviera with the supercharger.

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    Probably the security system. The autostart would just not crank if that were bad. Spray some fuel in throttle & see if it starts. If it starts like that & it runs for a few seconds then either the security system is bad or possible fuel pump. Does it have fuel pressure? Your mechanic should be able to tell you that.We need more info really to diagnose.

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