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Thread: 2009 BPG Car Show Trophies

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    Default 2009 BPG Car Show Trophies

    We have some Car show trophies that were not picked up at the 2009 BPG Nationals. I need the following people to contact me in order to get either their trophies or the appliques that get affixed to them.

    PLease do not post responses to this thread, or contact me by PM or e-mail, I am still trying to get back to answer what I have now.

    You can contact me at the following phone number 610-544-6776 weeknights after 7:30 PM eastern, or anytime over the weekends, and I will take care of getting the trophies to you.

    Thank you.

    Driven/Street Classes (100 Point Judging)

    Class C (68-69 GS)
    Nick Serwo (1969 Convertible)
    George Dwyer (1969 Cameo Cream GS 400)

    Class F (70-72 GSX)
    Arthur Wressing (1970 Saturn Yellow GSX) ?
    Gordon Martin (1971 Cortez Gold GSX)

    Class G (70-72 GS/GSX Modified)
    Frank Mouthhaan (1970 Apollo White GSX)
    Scott Roys (1970 Blue GS 455 Coupe)
    Steve Osborne (1972 Red GS Convertible)

    Class H (73-77 Regal/Century/GS)
    Jim Kovalo (1976 Red/White Regal)

    Class K (78-87 Regal/Turbo Regal/GN/GNX)
    Andy Green (1987 GN)

    Class N (Front Wheel Drive)
    Bob Flowers (1990 Blue Reatta)

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    Just to let you guys know: Duane is sending me the remainder of the trophies that were not picked up at last year's nationals. Please see me or contact me and I will give them to you at next year's nationals.

    Thank you.
    Carl Rychlik Assistant Show Director
    BPG #1064 GSCA #2090 BCA#23261 AACA#771155
    1970 GS Stage 1(BCA Gold Senior 2005,BCA Gold Senior Preservation 2011,Hemmings Muscle Machine Of The Year-2006,AACA First Junior and Senior 2010,GSCA Best Of Show 2011)
    1987 GN Original owner
    2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Duramax

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