2010 Official Quick-16 race rules.

1. Quick 16 will have sixteen cars in total and will be run "bracket style" with a full tree and sportsman ladder as outlined in the general race rules.
2. Any and all power adders are legal.
3. All cars must be Buick bodied.
4. All cars must be Buick powered. This includes, but is not limited to, aftermarket engine blocks and cylinder heads such as Buick Motorsports, Champion, Bulldog, and TA. Any questions on legal components shall be taken up with and decided by the class coordinator.
5. You MUST dial your car within .2 seconds of your best qualified ET or it WILL be done for you!
6. All cars must have operative doors.
7. You must comply with all applicable safety rules for the ET your car is running as outlined in the general race rules.
8. You must have your Quick-16 sticker to qualify. Stickers will be available for purchase prior to each round of Quick-16 qualifying. The fee is non-refundable.
9. Prize money will be handled as outlined in the general race rules.
10. Qualifying runs will be made as outlined in the general race rules.
11. You have 15 minutes to report to the appropriate staging lanes once Quick-16 is called in. After that time anyone who has not reported will be considered a no-show and the next car on the list will be called in. This would elevate the #17 into the field, so STAY ALERT! If you are among the top five of the non-qualified cars it is suggested that you wait at at the rear of the Quick-16 staging lanes so you can be ready to be paired up in the event of a 1st round no-show. If your car breaks and you cannot make the lane call, please show your fellow racers the courtesy of notifying the tower so your replacement can be notified and paired up in a timely manner.
12. Cars not qualifying, as well as Quick-16 1st round losers, may drop into Bracket 1. Racers have 15 minutes after losing 1st round to return to the staging lanes and report the change into Bracket 1 to the tower. Failure to report the class change will result in disqualification for Bracket 1.
13. Any Quick-16 round winner who has not reported to the staging lanes within 15 minutes of being called back in will be considered a no-show and their scheduled opponent will receive a forfeiture run.
14. All standard race rules and procedures are outlined in the general race rules and procedures and it is HIGHLY recommended all participants to read them