2010 Official BCO race rules.

These are the rules for the “BCO” class (BPG Nationals):

1. Buick Comp Open Eliminator is a comp eliminator style race class run on a sportsman ladder and a .500 Pro tree start. Please refer to general race rules and procedures for details.

2. Buick powered vehicles only

3. Stock style suspension only. Tubular replacements in stock locations allowed. No full or rear chassis cars allowed. Maximum width 10.5" by sidewall designation for slicks and 12.5" for DOT's. **There is no requirement for full interior.

4. Delay boxes, throttle stops, and other electronic devices used for the purpose of improving reaction time, ET, and traction strictly prohibited.

5. Trans brakes and two steps are NOT allowed.

6. Deep staging is NOT allowed.

7. All cars must make at LEAST 2 qualifying runs.

8. The QUICKEST ET from qualifying will become a racer's Competition Index throughout eliminations. Any runs made quicker than your index become a BREAKOUT. Competition will be regulated under standard NHRA "first or worst" competition policy during eliminations, in double red light or double breakout situations.

9. First round "bye" will go to the fastest (ET) car (if needed). After that, it will be determined by how the ladder falls.