Calling All Turbo T, T-Type, Limited and TTA owners. Mark your calendar July 28-31, 2011(tentatively) at Columbus Ohio for the BPG Nats. Your cars will be the center of attention aka "T" Party! We have done a tribute to the GSX and Stage 1 respectively so now its time to give credit to the only "true"muscle car of the 1980s: The Buick 3.8 Turbo 6! So get out your trailer queen, daily driver, or race car and bring it to Columbus Ohio. Myself and Jim Chaudrue will be contacting owners and vendors! Any questions call or email me at 216.470.8844 or Tell your friends, bring your cars, and have them bring theirs as well. Vendor info and possible prizes and goodies will be updated asap! Also Ill be contacting some owners of Lesabre T Types and trying to locate some Riviera T types as well. Hot Air Cars welcome as well. If you have a T-Type, Turbo T, Turbo Limited or TTA bring it out!! This is your 1 year warning. If your car is sitting in cob webs or in a barn, get it ready, b/c we want to see it come next year! Let the fun begin. Its your event and Im definitely welcome to hearing your input as this event is put on by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. So contact me with any questions, concerns, or desires! See you all next year! Tony Rose